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 Internal clutch and throttle keep handlebars clean. Heavily modified Springer front end, sheet metal and frame. Fabricated forward controls, housing under the seat, seat with hidden suspension, headlight and caliper mounts. 


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Project is in mock up before final body and paint to verify mechanical functions.


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 Brakes are applied by the lever on the forward controls. Linkage can be adjusted to meter force on each of the dual master cylinders. Hydraulics are independent  for added safety.


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 We fabricated the stainless steel exhaust and floating front fender.


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 18'' x 5.5'', 60 spoke, tubeless wheels with 200 mm tires. Offset sprocket set allows wider tires and shortens length of rearmost chain.


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Fenders made close to the tire profile. Adjusters move fender to maintain spacing when tightening chain.  


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 Near complete overhaul of a custom. The frame was replaced, We fabricated brass mounts, oil lines, seat with hidden suspension, stainless steel jockey shift and sissy bar with a quick release. Adapted a unique mount for the headlight and designed the 25mm anti tank shell for the footpegs.

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        Bars, forward controls, shifter, headlight shroud, exhaust, tractor seat  and sissybar made to the customers requirements.


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 Fabricated foot controls, grips, brackets and  final assembly done after our client purchased a large portion of the new parts from us. Sheet metal came prepainted. We mimicked the design in making the stainless steel belt guard. 




                            Client's first time build.  We helped with part supply, tech and our shop to build it.


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