custom road kings


2     0     0     8               R     O     A     D     K     I     N     G


motorcycle dealers burlington ontario custom baggers




 Modified 'Bad Dad' brand saddlebags, fender and side covers. Fabricated one of a kind mounting designed to eliminate the gaps between the back of the fender and bags, the vertical lines are shadows caused by the radius mating edge of the parts.


custom stretched saddlebags



We fabricated the 1 3/4 '' diameter handlebars and the seat base. Upholstered by 'Triple K Upholstery'. 

custom bagger handlebars


Handlebars are one piece, housing the speedometer and fork lock. 


custom road kings


custom  saddlebags


custom road king gas tanks


customized road kings baggers canada bagger nation

        Stretched, Road King six gallon gas tank. Aftermarket parts currently do not fit to what the client wanted. We fabricated the metal extensions and the dash that does not require rubber base strips. Fuel gauge removed and a flush mount gas cap installed.


bagger nation road kings 2008 2009 2010 canada


 Front fender widened, stretched and lowered with weld on mounts. 160mm  tire on a 18 X 4.25 wheel.


road kings front fender


custom baggers


custom harley road kings bad dad wheels exhaust twin cams

custom harley road kings ontario canada


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Honda custom bagger kits
Last test fitting of custom designed/fabricated components before bodywork and paint.
best honda stateline custom bagger ideas saddlebags fenders fairings
custom long floorboards motorcycle
One bolt per side removes floorboards for the option of pegs on custom made controls.
Steel lids slide out to open.  Hidden mounting and locking hardware.  Level fender and lid top edges have a 1/8'' gap when closed.
Fairing extension, mounts hand controls and windshield, giving better proportions to the project and the appearance of not having handlebars. All wiring/cables and hardware are concealed.
best custom Honda Stateline baggers
Honda Stateline bagger concept custom motorcycle

    1996 Pro Street built with light weight components and powered by a modified S&S engine, clocked at 240 klh. The rear wheel attained  that rotational speed at the moment this picture was taken.

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